Drawing: Juicy Cantaloupes

Art & Erotic Art

This is the first drawing I have done since the Spring. I am a little rusty, but it is a good start. Plus, it was my first attempt at a dark background with highlighting.

Below is my source of inspiration: these lovely little cantaloupes from a farmer’s market I visited this past summer. As soon as I bought them, I knew I would draw them, so I set them up and took a photo.

That photo sat in my phone for months. Until the time was just right to pick up my pencil again.

I am glad I did. I missed drawing. It is so calming.

My rendering is imperfect but it just motivates me to do even better on the next drawing.

Art is everything.


New Drawing in the Works!

Art & Erotic Art

I have started preparing for a new drawing. I have been keeping my projects on the down-lo as of late, but I will let you all in on what I am currently working on:My late Grandfather’s accordion.He couldn’t play it. But he enjoyed trying… just like he did every other instrument he owned… and he owned many! I come from a long line of music-lovers with no musical talent.This is just a sketch to feel out the forms, proportions and perspective. I am commencing the official drawing today.Three cheers for art!👽❤xoxoxo❤👽

Drawing Eyes


I have been working on drawing eyes. This one took a long time… like 2 hours. Maybe more…. But I have been pushing myself to take my time with things, to work on quality.

The final product isn’t too bad but I know where I messed up and what I need to work on. I am going to try again and keep trying. Art is a journey.


Sketching: Back to Basics


I am going back to sketching/drawing basics, and working on shapes and forms for the forseeable future. I still have issues with the seemingly simple circle, and need much work on understanding light and value.

So along with shading practice, my companion assignment is to work on shapes and forms… and nothing else. Freehand. No ruler.

If I want to develop my technical skills and eventually include my imagination in my drawings, I need to know how to draw the most basic shapes and forms: circle/sphere; square/cube; rectangle/cylinder.

My skills have improved a lot since I picked up the pencil in March, but I have a much longer way to go.

YouTube tutorials are boss. I am currently working my way through this one.

I am very excited. And so is this sphere, apparently. I walk away for one minute, and Hubs added a phallus… because why not.


More Practice: 3D Solids


Not simple at all. I am still not satisfied, and it isn’t quite finished but that just means I get to try again and again and again. I need to work on more lines I think.

Shading and values are a challenge. But I don’t give up easy. Even though a dark little voice in my head tells me I suck and that I shouldn’t waste my time and energy. That I will never amount to anything artistically. I know that this is the evil side of my ego trying to vanquish the growing light of my soul.

I will find the light, and it will help with shading.

I am all over the place. Just attempting to sketch whatever feels right. I do need to stop forcing my hand and loosen my grip. Too much control results in loss of control.

Not sure what’s next. More lines and solids, and perhaps a trial at a hand… but more of a hand anatomy study. I love things to look forward to.


Shading Practice


Sketching and drawing are definitely a challenge but a very welcome one. I never knew how peaceful it feels to hold a pencil and make stuff appear on a page with it.

The original photo:

My sketch with some shading:

It isn’t finished but it’s coming along.

And a big thank you to the lovely folks who offered useful advice to help me hone my craft. I basically just copied my photo (no tracing!!!), but I know that if I plan on drawing any more bodies, I will need to study anatomy and proportion.

For the moment, I am happy to work on bits and pieces. I am thinking of an ass drawing next… hmmm…. And hands. Perhaps hands and asses. Imagine the possibilities. I don’t think I am ready for that…🤣.

Yay art!


Sketching Practice

Art & Erotic Art

I just started a little study of the curved line. I am attempting a sketch based on a photo I took of myself.

But right now, I just need to work on simple curved lines. And I have no shortage of those.

Keep in mind that this is the first time in my almost 39 years of life that I am attempting sketching and drawing as a serious hobby. I only ever just doodled in the margins. I never gave myself a chance to actually try to be an artist. Never thought I could.

I know now that that is bullshit. Better late than never.

Shading will come later. For now… lines and lines and more lines.

If you are an artist, suggestions on what I should focus on first when learning to draw are welcome! Comment or contact me.


More Adventures in Drawing


I picked up the pencil again yesterday and started to draw. I followed a rather basic tutorial and more or less copied.

I never thought I could draw anything other than a 2D doodle, but it turns out I might be better at drawing than I thought. Not to toot my own horn… but you all know how much I love tooting my own horn.

Anyway, these drawings are unfinished and far from perfect, but I have never really drawn before other than margin etchings in boring classes or meetings.

I need to learn more about shading and proportions. I have some research to do. But now that vacation is over, finding time to be creative will be a challenge. But it will be a welcome challenge.

Next drawing challenges: a hand, a boob and a penis. Duh.


Drawing Dalí


I have always been infatuated with Salvador Dalí. Well, at least since I was 14. My Dad gave me a freakishly incomprehensible art book about the man, and I fell in love. Dalí is one of my many soul mates, and his work impregnates my imagination like no other artist.

Lately, I have been experiencing an intense surge of creativity. As I was perusing another art book of his, I found this drawing and decided to try my hand. It is not perfect and I am no sketch artist, but it could be worse.

Something tells me to keep going, to keep studying and sketching. Creative explosions like the one in which I find myself are not to be taken for granted.

I have no plans of becoming a great artist, but I definitely plan on creating and experimenting with different forms for as long as I possibly can. It sure beats wallowing in self-pity and crabbiness.