Playtime in the Snow


I had myself little fun this past weekend. Up in the country, there is still a tonne of snow. Mountains of the white shit blocks the view from most of our windows. This year was a doozy in the snow department.

So I figured I would make the best of it, and enjoy some temperature play of my own.

It started with a strip tease…

Then me reclining directly on the snow. Yes… I would have to be crazy to do this. And luckily, I am!

The photo looks delicious, yet I was feeling anything but! My ass was frozen!

See the redness? Like I said… frozen arse. But begging for a spank.

There is nothing quite as liberating as nudity (or partial nudity) en plein air. Mmmm! Can’t wait for warmer weather. I have a feeling a lot of naked outdoor adventures await.


Hors d’Oeuvre


I offer my flesh for you to sup on.

I am angel food cake with a hint of charred hell,

But you need to sink your teeth deep enough to get to the good part.

My skin is seared with lust,

And my eyes are seeping succulent tears infused with the wonder of my soul,

Which is expanding beyond the bounds of the shared reality upon which we are collectively drunk.

My fingers drip juices from the most tender part of myself,

Leaving a trail of salt brine and enigma.

If you hold just a morsel of me on the tip of your tongue, you can taste my smell,

And smell every flavour and nuance given me by the Mysteries.


Six of Water


Don’t be afraid, my sweet one.

You are safe now,

Here in the water, in my dripping heart.

Remember playful, childlike times past,

And let them dilute your concentrated fears.

Come to me, my sweet one.

I will caress and kiss you, and hold your delicate soul within mine.

And you will never know pain and loneliness again.

Deck: Manara Erotic Tarot by Milo Manara