Erotic Tale #1: The New Toy

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She lay on the bathroom floor, her hair splayed is all directions like errant tentacles, convulsing from yet another squirting orgasm. She drenched two towels this time, but didn’t give a fuck at this point because she was still delirious from her climax.

“What an interesting toy…”, she cooed to her new ovipositor, which resembled a gigantic freakishly veiny blue alien cock. She brought it to her lips and lapped up her own dripping juice as she basked in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life. She bared down one last time, and pushed out the remaining eggs with a deliciously tortured moan.


I do not have a fetish for oviposition… that I know of; rather I just discovered the term today and googled it. I wasn’t satisfied with my findings, so I just hit Pornhub. Sure enough, you can watch oviposition porn. Though it doesn’t do much for me to watch it… I do kind of get it. I think you have to be into monster and alien shit to get it.

I also felt it would be fun to feature something rather extraordinary and strange… and frankly, a little disconcerting as fodder for my first foray into fictional fuckery.