Erotic Tale #1: The New Toy

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She lay on the bathroom floor, her hair splayed is all directions like errant tentacles, convulsing from yet another squirting orgasm. She drenched two towels this time, but didn’t give a fuck at this point because she was still delirious from her climax.

“What an interesting toy…”, she cooed to her new ovipositor, which resembled a gigantic freakishly veiny blue alien cock. She brought it to her lips and lapped up her own dripping juice as she basked in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life. She bared down one last time, and pushed out the remaining eggs with a deliciously tortured moan.


I do not have a fetish for oviposition… that I know of; rather I just discovered the term today and googled it. I wasn’t satisfied with my findings, so I just hit Pornhub. Sure enough, you can watch oviposition porn. Though it doesn’t do much for me to watch it… I do kind of get it. I think you have to be into monster and alien shit to get it.

I also felt it would be fun to feature something rather extraordinary and strange… and frankly, a little disconcerting as fodder for my first foray into fictional fuckery.


Leather Belts


A thick leather belt has all sorts of interesting uses… most of which have nothing to do with holding one’s pants up.

This is one unintended use for a leather belt. I don’t know why I like being choked? Is there something wrong with me? Fellow kinksters… what’s up with that anyway?

And of course… there are other uses that involve stinging sensations that make me smile… and wince. Mmm….

I am definitely not a normal person.

Thank Spirit for that….




I have never really been big into lingerie. But in recent years, I have been developing a keen interest. I do not collect lingerie by any means, but have a few select items that I enjoy both with my partner and on my own.

In actuality, I am much more of a black thong and fishnet stockings kinda gal. I definitely want a garter belt though. That’s just what’s missing from my life.


Lounging Around


No work today. Fine by me. Time for some fishnet. And some painting… at some point.

Right now though… I am clearly distracted.

Should I bake like this? Thinking about it.

I enjoy solitude way too much. Hubs is probably going to roll his eyes at this post. But he will smile a little smile too… because he knows what’s coming… or should I say… cumming?

I am a silly little goose today. A naughty one swathed in black fishnet… shit. Definitely staying in today….


Playtime in the Snow


I had myself little fun this past weekend. Up in the country, there is still a tonne of snow. Mountains of the white shit blocks the view from most of our windows. This year was a doozy in the snow department.

So I figured I would make the best of it, and enjoy some temperature play of my own.

It started with a strip tease…

Then me reclining directly on the snow. Yes… I would have to be crazy to do this. And luckily, I am!

The photo looks delicious, yet I was feeling anything but! My ass was frozen!

See the redness? Like I said… frozen arse. But begging for a spank.

There is nothing quite as liberating as nudity (or partial nudity) en plein air. Mmmm! Can’t wait for warmer weather. I have a feeling a lot of naked outdoor adventures await.


Body Part Painting #1: Kandinsky… Boobies? Yes.

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***This project happened yesterday; I am not this motivated in the mornings… at all***

I found a pack of pastels lying around and decided to do a little art project. It’s a full moon tonight, so it seems fitting to do some light creative catharsis.

I chose Kandinsky circles. It was a soothing experience, drawing circles in various colours with soft pastels while sipping Morrocan mint tea. I adore the smell of mint tea… and pastels. What a sensory delight!

In fact, it was so soothing that my mind got a little loosey goosey, and drifted towards visions of disembodied technicolour boobies. Of course, Dalíesque visions such as these are very common place in my imagination.

Then I got a super boss idea: I am going to turn one of my breasts into a Kandinsky circle, then press it into a canvas. A tit-pression, if you will.

So, I found some finger paint, took off my top and got to it. Time for some more titty art*.

*Some of you may remember my boobies in the snow project on New Year’s Day. I am a very big fan of making art with body parts, and hope to embark on more of these adventures. Shoot me an email if you have ideas!

I never imagined how much fun it could be to paint a part of my body, let alone a private part. Let me tell you… I have been missing out. And if you haven’t tried it… so have you.

It’s not perfect but its charm is in the process through which it was created. I may add some detailing if the mood strikes. It needs some gold… because titties are GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!*

*Seinfeld reference. Come on… do I even need to include this note? Everyone knows Seinfeld, right?

Here is an artsier angle of the same masterpiece

Of course, I couldn’t resist smearing the paint all over my breast after my tit-pression. I already have paint on me; might as well make it worth the effort it takes to clean up.

Good times!

You should go make some art now. Maybe I should do a bum one next. I will need a bigger canvas. A much bigger one.