Weird Poetry

People are comfortable

With shallow.

You can see your feet beneath the surface

And feel your feet upon the ground.

There is no real danger.

But you can’t swim in the shallow;

You can only wade.

You can’t lose sight of your feet,

And you can’t ever lose yourself in the waves and the current and the moon’s efforts to ebb and flow the waters in your veins, the cool water in your boiling blood;

You have to go deeper for that,

For the adventure,

For the thrill,

For the experience,

For the risk,

For the pain that screams your existence at you.

But the problem with the deep

Is that you can drown

If you’re not careful.

But being careful

While playing in the rollicking ravenous waters of the deep

Without a life preserver (or even a simple cut-the-bullshit sense of self-preservation)

Don’t easily reconcile.

Even knowing that


I will probably continue to jump

Into the deep end

And skip the shallow



***Best to stay outta the water, sweetheart. You were never a good swimmer anyhow…***

***I can always depend on my peanut gallery to give it to me straight.***