Erotic Poetry

My gaze is locked upon you

As you stroke yourself into frenzied tumescence.

I can hear you groan

And moan

And grovel

For a release

Only I can grant you…

If that is what I choose to do.

But I am in the mood to be entertained

By your delicious misery,

And will not be gifting you

With a single drop

Or trickle

Not even a bead

Of sweet relief

Which is really only one more gaze

One more whispered word

One more whimper




Blood Lust

Erotic Poetry

I feel a ravenous growl rising in my throat–

But it was born somewhere else,

In my belly made of fire.

I glare at you as you sit there,


That I am stalking,

Laying low,

And planning my attack,

While burning saliva drips from my blood-pinkened fangs.

I am not the girl you know,

Or the woman,


I am savage hunger incarnate

And blistering fury bubbling beneath

Rosey dew-kissed skin

That glows like cool moonlight.

You have no clue of the danger

Taking shape before you,

Thirsting for gore and gristle,

And soft throat tissue.

Gird your loins–

I am coming in for the kill.