Eight of Pentacles


It is time for a tarot card pull from my very dirty Decameron deck.

The Eight of Pentacles is all about dedicated effort, apprenticeship, self-mastery, repetitive tasks and skill-development.

The pentacles suit represents our material reality – family, work, career/vocation, financial matters, so I know that this card is drawing my attention to my every day 3-D life.

The first thing that comes to mind is art. This card urges me to continue working hard on my craft, to listen to guidance, to dedicate effort to my creative projects and go for it… like the super hot couple featured on the card. Sometimes my efforts may feel repetitive but like the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect”. This is very true. The more you do it, the better you get.

The same can be said for blow-jobs.

Can I also take this card as a suggestion to try that position as soon as humanly possible? He looks pretty dedicated to the effort of her impending orgasm. Mmm….

But I digress….naturally.

Deck: Decameron Tarot (artwork by Giacinto Gaudenzi)


Painting with Body Parts #15: Sacred Spirit Edition

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I was feeling purple, and was feeling connected to the moon… which is no surprise as I live there much of the time, so I primed my canvas to reflect this.

I added just a touch of blue because… well… sometimes you feel a little blue too.

It’s ok to be complicated.

Sometimes I like to enjoy a moment of communion with myself and Spirit to ponder what approach to take for a particular piece.

Silver and gold seemed fitting. I am sure you can hazard a guess as to which tool I used to spread these colours about the canvas.

Paintbrushes are made of hair, aren’t they? Well, my paintbrushes are a part of me… literally.

The luminenscence of the moon dripped from my breast before I pressed into the field of silver and gold-laced purple.

This was a very fun piece to make that left me floating on a shimmering cloud of purple contentment.

This is “Purple Moon Giggle”. Happy moods make happy art.


The High Priestess


I study the tarot. I have a fair number of decks, but one of my favourites is my Decameron deck which was inspired by an almost-700 year old literary work of the same name by Giovanni Boccaccio.

It is quite dirty. But profound in its wisdom.

I like to sit and shuffle my decks every so often just to say “hello” to them and to explore some of the cards. As I was shuffling yesterday morning, “The High Priestess” presented herself to me twice. I took this double appearance as message from Spirit.

This is an auspicious Major Arcana card urging me to connect with my intuition and to not allow others to influence me in ways that are not true to myself.

She also urges me to face the sides of me that I am terrified of facing, to explore my shadow sides without fear or shame; only I carry the key that will open up and release all of my hidden facets and charms.