Counting down to petit mort inside an hour glass

Art & Erotic Art, Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

*** Contains erotic imagery. Perhaps skip this if that offends. This harkens to the Lustful Empress of yesteryear…. ***


From head

To hip

To teeny tiny toe

Time twists and slithers

Down the sides and surfaces

Of privately possessed

Minutes and seconds

And sweetly salacious hours

As fingers dance

And body sings

Pleasure rippling

Deconstructing the bones

Of an arching frame

In a moment of death

Steeped in moonheld moans




*** Spring makes me slightly more MORE… sometimes. ***

*** And it is reuniting me with my love of lingerie. All women (and men… and whoever else… yolo) should get some… and wear it every day… under your regular clothes… hehe…. ❤🌷 ***

Splendors in the Grass

Erotic Poetry

I’ll never forget

How he husked my top from my body

And lay me down to languish

In the throes

Of something ineffable.

He slithered




The length of me

As if I were a wide open prairie

As the gloaming lifts

At the break of day.

I felt a shiver in my teeth

And in my bones

And in my every hair follicle

But it started in a place

Where his fingers had disappeared

And I spat unspeakable words

Into the grass.




Mounds of Venus

Erotic Poetry

Take your lust-laced musings for a walk

Amid my swelling mounds of Venus,

And feel the mighty surge of the Aphroditic tides

Squalling forth from the twilight

Trapped between my quaking shuddering limbs.

Let my Aeolian murmurs dance upon the top of your head

And your shoulders

As your moans get tangled in fractaled folds

Of my glistening moon-steeped love




Erotic Poetry

I feel your whispers between my legs,

Against the gauzy material hiding my pulsating jewel,

Against the outer curves of my quivering thighs,

All along the flaring lines of my gyrating hips.

I feel your whispers there,

And your saliva

Pooling at the dip of my waist

And the mouth of my pussy.

Pull the lace away from my dripping cavern,

And lick me until you’ve made me

Fall apart

Before your adoring eyes

And gaping mouth.



Erotic Poetry

As I lie patiently in wait,

For happenings unknown

But sensed in every cell of my body,

Secret hidden parts contract and expand,

Like a star finally given over to its inevitable death.

The air is thick with violent evolution

And feels like a soaked wool blanket

Covering my still body,

Which writhes and pulsates beneath my confining spacesuit of skin.

I cannot bring myself to move,

For unseen parts are shifting and evolving,

Exploding like blinding supernovas

Within my every molecule.

The heat and force of the remnant pulsar

Beats like a drum

Between my quaking legs,

And I am powerless to stop the double beams of electomagnetic radiation

Blasting out from my core

And into empty space through my root and crown.





I still feel your heated and hushed words against my dew-licked skin.

Flame-scorched whisperings that blow cold the burning beads of sweat curling down the dreamscape of my body,

Sending chills up and down my spine,

And right into the living marrow of my ghostwhite bones.

There is no place for a mind in times like this,

No place for thought,

For sense,

No place for doubt,

Or for time;

We exist on a timeless, senseless plane,

And I am content to abandon the density of this earth for the Light

Of a higher realm.

I lost my head the moment you opened your mouth upon me,

And fed your utterings and divine growlings into my soul.


Pluck Me


Pluck my strings

And transform me into your instrument of longing.

Play me like your fiddle,

And make me reel and tremble as you conjure music with my moans.

Compose me like a salacious symphony,

Edge me towards a frenzied crescendo

Of cacophonous exclamation,

And pluck me until I deconstruct

Into single notes of pure tone and spent ecstacy.



Honey Pot

Erotic Poetry

Dip your fingers in my honey pot,

And you will see how sun-ensouled nectar drips from your digits like a viscous melody.

You will see my undulations beckon you to a second helping

Of unhinged longing and glee,

Long held captive by gates of goose-pimpled flesh and opaque black fibre.



Erotic Poetry

I scribbled this masturbatory poem almost 2 years ago and nearly forgot about it. I doctored it a bit as time away from one’s own written word demands revision. I am sure I could have been figurative in my approach… but I am not feeling particularly subtle or figurative today.

Without further ado….

The bed below my ass gives every time I roll my hips down into it.

My glistening nodule, buried beneath fluttering folds of juicy wet flesh, tingles with every thrust upward.

My fingers quiver with want as they claw my inner thighs, leaving wanton red scrapes, almost breaking the skin.

My index and middle fingers form an inverted ‘V’ over my vulva, pinching and releasing my outer lips until my clitoris swells and hardens.

Fingers circling that sweet pearl of ecstacy like bees around the honey pot.

It will only take minutes at this point until I wholly unravel, burst into flames and leave this confining dimension for a few fleeting moments of breathless eternity.