Body Part Painting #1: Kandinsky… Boobies? Yes.

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***This project happened yesterday; I am not this motivated in the mornings… at all***

I found a pack of pastels lying around and decided to do a little art project. It’s a full moon tonight, so it seems fitting to do some light creative catharsis.

I chose Kandinsky circles. It was a soothing experience, drawing circles in various colours with soft pastels while sipping Morrocan mint tea. I adore the smell of mint tea… and pastels. What a sensory delight!

In fact, it was so soothing that my mind got a little loosey goosey, and drifted towards visions of disembodied technicolour boobies. Of course, Dalíesque visions such as these are very common place in my imagination.

Then I got a super boss idea: I am going to turn one of my breasts into a Kandinsky circle, then press it into a canvas. A tit-pression, if you will.

So, I found some finger paint, took off my top and got to it. Time for some more titty art*.

*Some of you may remember my boobies in the snow project on New Year’s Day. I am a very big fan of making art with body parts, and hope to embark on more of these adventures. Shoot me an email if you have ideas!

I never imagined how much fun it could be to paint a part of my body, let alone a private part. Let me tell you… I have been missing out. And if you haven’t tried it… so have you.

It’s not perfect but its charm is in the process through which it was created. I may add some detailing if the mood strikes. It needs some gold… because titties are GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!*

*Seinfeld reference. Come on… do I even need to include this note? Everyone knows Seinfeld, right?

Here is an artsier angle of the same masterpiece

Of course, I couldn’t resist smearing the paint all over my breast after my tit-pression. I already have paint on me; might as well make it worth the effort it takes to clean up.

Good times!

You should go make some art now. Maybe I should do a bum one next. I will need a bigger canvas. A much bigger one.