En Plein Air

erotic poetry

I love the outdoors.


I went snowshoeing in the country during my Christmas vacation,

And sometimes, I like to get a little bit naked–

Top half only–

In the winter.

I did the same thing last year:

Stripping in the woods,

Taking photos,

Pressing my breasts into fresh fluffy snow,

Feeling it melt into ice cold beads on my warm flesh.

It feels delicious and carnal

And a little bit naughty,

Like a secret meeting

Between me and the trees and the snow drifts surrounding me

In my almost nakedness.

Hearing snowmobiles in the near distance adds a little bit of thrill into the mix.

It is hilarious how quickly I throw my clothes back on when I hear them getting closer…

Even though they could probably never get to where I was standing,

As the snow was almost too deep even for snowshoeing.

But of course,

That didn’t stop me from venturing out

Into the wilds

Of the forest,

And of my own sensuality

And fevered eroticism.