Bottled Moonlight, Forgetting and Something Else

Weird Poetry

I watched the moonlight

Drip down the inside of the bottle

And pool at the bottom (pearlescent sheen of reflected light).

I mixed in a little you (cloudful white),

A little of me (cloudless blue),

A drop of forgetting (brackish pitch and tones of shale),

And something else…

Maybe a fragment un-embedded from my brittle heartstone,

Or a memory

Only I recall (the deepest darkest red of a coagulating blood drop).

I swirled the bottle

To watch us all blend into a new colour I couldn’t find a name for;

There was shimmer and lots of shade,

Light darkness

And dark lightness.

When I took a sip of the concoction,

I could no longer


The memory I added to the mix.

I smiled,

And drank the rest in a single gulp.