Rewriting Poems #5: Sweetness/Bittersweetness

Erotic Poetry

Original “Sweetness(02/26/2019):

I feel sweet this morning,

Like damp candy floss.

Making my fingers sticky,

And my teeth hum.

Rewrite: “Bittersweetness”

The bittersweet feels me this morning,

As little trails of damp curl from the dark apex of my sticky thighs.

Grapefruit nectar freshly squeezed

From between salted lips,

Sweet, juicy and astrigent,

Choking bitter like fingers curled around my throat

But laced with kisses and licking,

Like me on a complicated day.

Sinking your bite into my gauzy fleshy rind

Will make your teeth hum

And fingers claw from the bittersweet

Curling in tongued pathways across my lovedampened thighs.




*** What if I’m on blood pressure medication? Isn’t grapefruit a contraindication? You could be dangerous for some people’s health, Tootsie Pop! ***

*** I’m counting on it…. ***

*** I don’t know why I identify with grapefruit nectar; it’s kinda my thing. Maybe because I’m not that sweet even though I look like I am. I have bitters and throat chokes to me. ***