Boobs in the Snow… on New Year’s Day


I woke up this morning with one thought in my head: today I am putting my boobs in the snow. So I strapped on my snowshoes and took to the trail.**Of course, I had coffee first. Then sex. Then a shower. A long hot one.I needed the right canvas: an inclined surface with a fresh coat of snow. Without an incline, I could fall arse over teakettle trying (failing) to keep my balance… hovering with my tits out over the snow.Why not play a bit beforehand… though. Hehe.Then I found my canvas on the side of the trail. Yes.So I present the imprint of my tits in the snow on New Year’s day. You’re welcome.Happy New Year! All the best in 2019!

My Lips

Erotic Poetry

Certain family members always comment on my lips.

“You have your cousin Carol’s lips”, they would say.

“They are thin.”

So I always thought my lips were thin, because that is what I was told….

Two barely pink lines… that apparently belong to someone else.

But I think they are wrong about MY lips.

Not only do they belong to me, but they are kinda juicy and delicious. Maybe they aren’t very plump or pouty, but they are sumptuous and they are MINE.