Weird Poetry

I saw you standing there

Like an immaterial sentinel

Between the spores of dust and the empty space upon which they were strewn.

But you appeared more present and tangible than the rocks and trees

Beyond the windowpane

Through which the sun dappled and danced

And tried without success to bathe you

In lacklustre light.

But your light is brighter than the sun

And the dog sun that shines even brighter still (but without the notice of humans).

So much so

That you turned the sunshine

Into shadow

Just by standing there

Watching me.





Erotic Poetry

I want to bleed into your veins

And be the writhing in your body

As you arch your back

And leave your bones.

I want to breathe into your lungs

And become the air that escapes

When you call out

For me

From the deep of the dream void.

I want to be the moan upon your eros-kissed lips

As you reach out through the gloom

To find me there

Standing behind the veil

That only seems like separation.

I want to be the abandon in your fevered eyes,

And the tongue-lash across your sweet throbbing throat,

As you run your fingers through my hair

And through the phrases caught in my webbed thoughts.

I want to be the claw and nail

That sinks into your skin

As you roll your eyes

Towards our burning heaven.