Weird Poetry

Your eyes punctuate the words pocking the pages of the folio —

Locked away in my heart closet —

With hyperbolic hole punches outside the margins

And onomatopoeic blinking from all the blank spaces

Between ○ the ○ words.


I can hear that sticky gummy eye-opening sound,

Your eyelashes getting tangled like strings of spider silk on a breeze.

From my stare alone.




*** Huh??? ***

*** I just wanted to use the words “hyperbolicand “onomatopoeic” in the same poem. ***

I Wish I Could Eat Gem Stones for Dessert

Weird Poetry

I am sitting on my bed

crunching black opal, rose quartz, labradorite and celestite between my smiling teeth

singing forth shine, shimmer, sensual enigma and rippling auroras through the window of my pulsating heartworld

Into the undulating aether

hoping that something lightful and godfringed bounces back.

I lick my lips in languished wait

And recline into a momentary crystaled joy.




***I do not endorse drugs of any kind….other than cannabis….and perhaps select hallucinogens….why not? ***