Monetized Mental Illness

Weird Poetry

Self-murderous mukbang madness

Gulping gluttony through a green-energy-made paper straw

And gleefully (sorrowfully) gorging on delectably delicious death on a styrofoam plate

After plate

After plate

After plate

All free

All day

Livestreamed on YouTube

For your viewing pleasure

And their profit

Mmmm mmmm good

We’re so loving it (duhduh-duh-duhduh)

Why read a book about running horses to the bone,

When you can watch it

For a fraction of the braincells.




*** Now THAT is how to profit off of a slow-mo suicide! Way to go, YouTube! ***

*** Some of you know that I get… uh… mouthy… at certain points in my cycle. I have a platoon of furious little gremlins stampeding through my bloodstream right now. Sorry. ***